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The pre-construction or design phase is central to the success of the project. During this phase, KAMP Construction Inc. employs proven processes that we have developed over more than two decades of construction management work. KAMP team members develop a thorough understanding of the project, outline a strategy, and assemble a strong team of trade contractors and suppliers.

Before the project begins, we develop a thorough understanding of the owner’s business goals and align the project goals accordingly. Our pre-construction services are more thorough and formalized than traditionally found in the industry.

Some of the key steps include:

– Develop master schedule development and management
– Develop project/site logistics plan to ensure activity in multiple occupied areas are not interrupted
– Perform initial pro forma and programmatic budget analysis
– Perform construction feasibility reviews
– Develop project budgets and analysis at schematic/design/construction document intervals
– Develop detailed post-bid analysis
– Confirm personnel, materials, supplies, and resource availability